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Rivers as cradle of civilization

School conducted an inter-house declamation competition on the topic “Rivers as cradle civilization” on 1st September 2014.The topic was selected to make the  students realize the importance that the rivers hold in the lives of living beings. The cradle of civilization is a term referring to locations identified as the sites of the emergence of civilization.Rivers gave birth to human civilizations in all continents. As a result of the multiple and exponentially growing human activities, most world rivers are now being impacted, including by long range atmospheric transport of pollutants. These changes can be regarded as a global water quality issue.Students discussed the four civilizations – Mesopotamia( Egypt), the Indus Valley and the Yellow River Valley civilizations in detail.They highlighted the role played by these rivers in the settlement and development of these civilizations. Rivers provided water for large-scale agriculture, enabling people to abandon a hunter-gatherer lifes…