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Peace Day

Peace Day to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi GDSPS celebrated Gandhi Jayanti as Peace One Day Programme, as part of Tony Blair’s Face to Faith Programme on 1st October, 2014to sensitize students about the importance of peace in one’s life and the world around them. The day was celebrated to make the students conscious of values like compassion, kindness, and service to themselves, others, and the environment.
The programme commenced with an invocation to the Almighty to pray for global peace. Talks on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and his followers like Martin Luther King and Anna Hazarewere presented by the students. The school choir spread the message of Peace and Harmony through their rendition of some beautiful songs. Students were administered the Peace Pledge to follow the path of righteousness, honesty and non-violence in life. To mark the occasion, the school Principal, Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh released white balloons in the air, with peace messages and slogans on them. All plethora …