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Performance Day

Performance day of Dharohar club (Junior and Senior) was organized on 24th January and 6th February, 2017. DHAROHAR Club members gave presentations on the year round activities taken up by them. The Junior Club’s presentation began with a brief explanation of Dharohar and its importance in our lives. Tanmay, Priyanshi and Kashvi reinforced the same through a poetry recitation in Hindi. Senior Club members shared their experiences of the visit to the Humayun’s Tomb. They also apprised the students with objectives and vision of the Dharohar Club. The students of the club proudly showed their membership cards that they had themselves made, using their own creativity and liking. Next in line was a brief description of the shadow puppetry class, wherein students showed the shadow puppets prepared by them and gave a brief description on how they used them.  Student showcased the teej greeting cards that the students had made using mehendi designs. It was followed by the presentation of beautif…