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G.D. Salwan public school organised a one day heritage mela entitled ‘ JASHN-E- DHAROHAR’ – PRAKRITI KE RANG , KALA KE SANG ON 01.12.12 at BHULI BHATIYARI KA MAHAL, the monument that has been officially adopted by the school from the state archaeology department with the aim of improving it’s dilapidated condition and restore its lost glory and grandeur. G.D. salwan is the first school in Delhi to have undertaken such an initiative.
 The fete was inaugurated by the chief guest of the day Mrs. Nishi tripathi. What followed was a beautiful narration of the interesting history of the monument as the guests walked their way from the main entrance till their seating positions. The main event began with a mesmerizing rendition of ganesh vandana by the students for invoking an auspicious start to the school’s programme.
 the cultural programme commenced with an enthralling classical dance performances by students of the school. the programme continued with the release of the school’s herita…
Exploring The Old Fort through a Heritage Walk
After going through the hurly-burly of New Delhi’s busy roads, one longs for spending some time in a quiet and serene place. What does one do in such a situation? Head for a place out of Delhi for a change? Not quite. For there are places in Delhi, where once you enter, you will forget the noise and activity of the busy roads. One such place is Old Fort, also known as Purana Qila.
My experience with the 75 Heritage walk enthusiasts  to the Old Fort  was overwhelmingly positive. The Heritage Club of GD SALWAN PUBLIC SCHOOL has taken the responsibility of sensitizing the young generation about their rich cultural heritage and how to protect it . The visit to the Old Fort , which was an Indian Express initiative was one such step towards our aim . One of the striking features of the Old Fort is the scenery inside. The lush green lawns together with high trees provide a serene environment. There are birds chirping on the trees. The air is very …

Introducing Dance & Musical Heritage in School through Classical Dance and instrumental competition

Classical Dance  competition

1.  Houses competed in a cultural extravaganza organized   to   showcase the 
various classical dance forms of  India. 2.  The dances performed were self composed and  included Kathak,
Bharatnatyam,Odissi. 3.  The students introduced the various dances telling about their history.           Classical Instrumental  competition

1. The students played the various Indian musical       instruments . 2. The musical compositions were prepared by the students
1.        Impact :
                 1. Students learnt about the various dance
 forms of India         2. Students learnt about the various musical instruments and how 
to play them.