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Future Citizens, learning to get responsible towards their Heritage.
Heritage Board g.d. Salwan Public School, Old Rajendra Nagar.
Presenting our adopted monument: Bhuli Bhatiyari Photo Contest
Students sense of Belonging towards the Adopted Monument Their aim is to make this imagination a reality- turning this abandon land into a cleaner and greener landscape.
Students sense of  Belonging towards the Adopted MonumentI student of class VIII-A of g.d.Salwan Public School visited Bhooli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal from school with my class coordinator and classmates. It is a Monument built in 14th century to thank the lady named Bhatiyari who helped Firoz Shah Tuglaq when he lost his way while hunting. Our school  plans to adopt this monument. When we went there we were shocked to see  its condition , our expectations were shattered. The present condition is only because of human activities . But I have already developed  a kind of belongingness towards this heritage site. I can visualize the picture in  my mind about how beautiful it must be in the 14th century. But  today it is in a bad shape. This shows our lack of care towards this  monument . We think that it is our history, our past  but  it’s our duty to protect this heritage. I have many plans how I am going to work upon this adopted monument. If we will work as a team we can make it a popular h…
Students Sense of  Belonging towards the Adopted MonumentWe the member of Heritage club ‘Dharohar’ of g.d.SalwanPublic School got the opportunity to visit Bhooli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal along with our Club coordinator Seema Goyal mam. When we saw the monument it was not in a good condition and at that time a spirit developed in my heart that I with all your help have to make this monument a popular tourist spot. This place can be made into a very popular spot for tourists and nearby residents. When I learnt from my teacher that the school plans to adopt this monument my mind started running about what it would look like after its renovation. To make this monument look as per my imagination we all have to take certain initiatives and steps. We also require government help for this gigantic  task. I am really impatient and just want to put my foot on the accelerator and make  this  beautiful as fast as possible . We all have to become familiar with this monument and popularize it among one a…
A Peep into the Sufi culture : A heritage of Delhi 20 students of class 7,8,9 of Heritage club with our coordinator Seema Mam went for a Heritage walk along with Ms Navina Jafa to Dargah of Hazrat Nizammudin on 28th April 2012 which covered Chaunsath-Khamba , Ghalib's Tomb , Jama'at- Khana Masjid, Tomb of Jahanara, Amir Khusrau's Tomb, Baoli and various places within the central complex.

The walk started at the Mughal tomb of Chausath Khamba, then proceeded to the tomb of Galib, Atgah Khan, and inside the main complex the walk covered the resting places of the sons of the Last Mughal Emperor, Hazrat Amir Khusrau, and the saint himself.

The Complex of the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin presents a dynamic flow of cultural traditions around built heritage. The walk imparted an introduction on Sufism and created in us an understanding of the Sufi landscape that emanated from the energy of the city saint – Hazarat Nizamuddin that reached out to various Mughal nobility, kings, …
Indian Monuments- Do not scribble!
DHAROHAR WINS THE HERITAGE CLUB AWARD : Our school G D Salwan Public School received an award from INTACH under the Best club heritage award category for the year 2011-12. The school won the 2nd runners up trophy. Vani Garg the former President of the heritage club DHAROHAR receiving the trophy with the club members in the below photograph.

Visit to Bhuli Bhatiyari by the Staff of GDSPS
“It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.”   - Branch Rickey
On 04.07.12, Tuesday, the entire staff of G.D.SALWANPUBLIC SCHOOL undertook a visit to the monument ‘bhuli bhatiyari’. This monument has been adopted by the school as part of Heritage Education Programme. Our school has undertaken the conservation and adoption task to uplift the dilapidated condition of this monument. The entire staff, students, parents, and even local community will be stakeholders in this initiative of our school. This was an inaugural visit to acquaint the teachers with the monument, it’s surroundings and the task that lay ahead in beautifying the monument that has been left uncared for in the past. The coming academic session will witness plenty of activities from all classes and our best efforts at creating awareness and improving the condition of our adopted monument.
Activities of the club "DHAROHAR"

Various programs under this have been conducted since past 1 year. -        * Formation of heritage club called “ Dharohar “ with 50 members from classes 6 -1 0 were issued heritage passport & took the pledge in the assembly on 24th November 2011. -         *Heritage awareness week celebrated from 7th Nov – 14thNov      2011 through Poster making competition -         *World heritage week celebrated from 19th – 25th Nov 2011 by conducting special assembly & heritage quiz on this. -         *Heritage walk conducted at Jantar Mantar for the teachers/students on 26th Nov 2011. -       * Celebrating mythology through theatre “Maha Kaalratri – Divinity Incarnate” at Talkatora Stadium on 18th Dec. 2011. *Heritage walks to Replica Museum on 9th Feb 2012 with heritage club members. *Heritage walks to Bhuli Bhatiyari ka mahal on 7th Feb. 2012 - The adopted monument site *Heritage walks to Replica Museum on World Museum Day 16th May 2012 to participate…
Objectives of the "DHAROHAR" club As per the CBSE guidelines A Heritage Education Programme - to promote heritage education has been taken up by our school g d Salwan Public school ,New Delhi. We firmly believe that heritage education is important for the following reasons:

1. To bring history and social science curriculum alive for the students through active learning and doing.2. To promote awareness of and involvement in heritage to inculcate a respect for diversity ,tolerance ,mutual understanding, patience and promotes peaceful co existence in our children.3.To inspire young children and encourage them to build a future through an understanding of the past and the present. 4. To equip we children to understand and explore their local heritage and gain a confident sense of self.5. To encourage we children to learn about national heritage as well as gain exposure to different heritages around the country.
These are the objectives of our Heritage Club and this is what …