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Workshop on Delhi’s Heritage

Venue: INTACH head Office, 71 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi
Date and Time: April 24, 2018, (9.00 AM to 3.30 PM) The workshop was divided in to 6 sessions of 45 min each. The first session was on ‘Introducing and Understanding Heritage’ by Ms. Purnima Datt (Principal Director, INTACH HECS). She explained through a presentation, the difference between natural heritage and cultural heritage. She also briefed about built heritage and material heritage. The second session was ‘ Delhi’s Heritage and issues related to Urban Heritage’ by Prof. AGK Menon (Founder Member INTACH; advisor and former convener INTACH Delhi, Architect, Urban Planner and Conservationist). The presentation aimed at: ·making citizens aware of the incredible richness of their cultural patrimony ·inculcate pride and ownership in each citizen ·change the cognitive image of the city ·provide platform for visionary strategies for city planning ·boost tourism by encouraging visitors to experience the city as a destination. The third sess…