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World Heritage Day!

18TH April is celebrated as World Heritage Day. Hence it was decided to make the children aware of at least one monument in India, that has been included in UN’S list of World Heritage Sites. On 26th April, the task of enlightening the students about Qutub Minar was undertaken. An informative video (sourced from Youtube) explaining the history, special features of the Qutub Minar and the Qutub Minar Complex was shown to the students. It was followed by an interactive discussion with students who shared their knowledge, fond memories of visit to the monument, interesting facts and queries about the monument. The students also learnt how to sketch the picture of Qutub Minar .

On 3rd May, Dharohar Club students used their creativity and acquired knowledge of Qutub MInar in preparing pamphlets for the same. Students were shown how to fold an A-3 sheet into a pamphlet. They did the needful and created interesting pamphlets with either handwritten or printed information and pictures.