Students sense of  Belonging towards the Adopted Monument

             I student of class VIII-A of g.d.Salwan Public School visited Bhooli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal from school with my class coordinator and classmates. It is a Monument built in 14th century to thank the lady named Bhatiyari who helped Firoz Shah Tuglaq when he lost his way while hunting. Our school  plans to adopt this monument. When we went there we were shocked to see  its condition , our expectations were shattered. The present condition is only because of human activities . But I have already developed  a kind of belongingness towards this heritage site. I can visualize the picture in  my mind about how beautiful it must be in the 14th century. But  today it is in a bad shape. This shows our lack of care towards this  monument . We think that it is our history, our past  but  it’s our duty to protect this heritage.
I have many plans how I am going to work upon this adopted monument. If we will work as a team we can make it a popular heritage site soon . My goal from now will be to make it a tourist spot and I dedicate a poem on this.
We adopt this monument
So we have to understand
It’s our duty
To increase its beauty
We have to apply logic
It will work like magic
We have to worry
And not to be sorry
To protect it we have to hurry
It’s not an individual’s effort
We have to work as team
It’s not easy to make it clean
It is like a rough night
But days will come with bright sunlight
And soon this monument will be a heritage site.
                                                                                                     Divya  Dayal – VIII –A 


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