Students Sense of  Belonging towards the Adopted Monument

We the member of Heritage club ‘Dharohar’ of g.d.Salwan Public School got the opportunity to visit Bhooli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal along with our Club coordinator Seema Goyal mam. When we saw the monument it was not in a good condition and at that time a spirit developed in my heart that I with all your help have to make this monument a popular tourist spot. This place can be made into a very popular spot for tourists and nearby residents. When I learnt from my teacher that the school plans to adopt this monument my mind started running about what it would look like after its renovation. To make this monument look as per my imagination we all have to take certain initiatives and steps.
We also require government help for this gigantic  task. I am really impatient and just want to put my foot on the accelerator and make  this  beautiful as fast as possible . We all have to become familiar with this monument and popularize it among one and all. In the end I would like to dedicate  a poem on adopting  this beautiful  heritage site.
It’s  high time; we’ll have to hurry,
Now the time has come when we have to worry,
Come out to the world and turn a page,
We have to save our rich heritage.
No matter whether it’s cold or hot,
We have to make this monument a popular tourist spot,
We don’t have to bother about time whether it’s seven or eleven,
Just work hard to turn this site into heaven.
-Sourabh gupta
                                                                                                                     VIII -  A  


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