Exploring The Old Fort through a Heritage Walk

After going through the hurly-burly of New Delhi’s busy roads, one longs for spending some time in a quiet and serene place. What does one do in such a situation? Head for a place out of Delhi for a change? Not quite. For there are places in Delhi, where once you enter, you will forget the noise and activity of the busy roads. One such place is Old Fort, also known as Purana Qila.

My experience with the 75 Heritage walk enthusiasts  to the Old Fort  was overwhelmingly positive. The Heritage Club of GD SALWAN PUBLIC SCHOOL has taken the responsibility of sensitizing the young generation about their rich cultural heritage and how to protect it . The visit to the Old Fort , which was an Indian Express initiative was one such step towards our aim . One of the striking features of the Old Fort is the scenery inside. The lush green lawns together with high trees provide a serene environment. There are birds chirping on the trees. The air is very fresh and the whole experience of being there is very reinvigorating. After admiring the nature, it is time to look at the main subject of Old Fort-the monuments. These are pieces of art, timeless classics that seem to belong to the environment around. The monuments are built mainly from stones and one can just marvel at the size and strength that has withstood the test of time. The craftsmen who built these monuments must have planned, designed and built with meticulous care and interest and also would have put in lots of effort.


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