G.D. Salwan public school organised a one day heritage mela entitled ‘ JASHN-E- DHAROHAR’ – PRAKRITI KE RANG , KALA KE SANG ON 01.12.12 at BHULI BHATIYARI KA MAHAL, the monument that has been officially adopted by the school from the state archaeology department with the aim of improving it’s dilapidated condition and restore its lost glory and grandeur. G.D. salwan is the first school in Delhi to have undertaken such an initiative.
 The fete was inaugurated by the chief guest of the day Mrs. Nishi tripathi. What followed was a beautiful narration of the interesting history of the monument as the guests walked their way from the main entrance till their seating positions. The main event began with a mesmerizing rendition of ganesh vandana by the students for invoking an auspicious start to the school’s programme.
 the cultural programme commenced with an enthralling classical dance performances by students of the school. the programme continued with the release of the school’s heritage newsletter    ‘Dharohar times’ by the chief guest, Mrs. nishi tripathi.  Dharohar times is a collage of students and teacher’s thoughts and ideas about the monument in the form of poems, articles, drawings and precious photographs.  next in line was a short skit on kyoto protocol that explained what Kyoto protocol is all about with simplicity. an apt continuation to the skit on kyoto protocol was the open forum on the topic “are we as responsible citizens doing enough for our environment and heritage?” Dr. b.c.sabatta sr. scientific officer in the environment dept. of the GNCT of Delhi and in-charge of the eco clubs programmes in the school took the lead and enlightened the gathering with his thoughts on how carelessly we handle our environment and heritage. ms. alka bhatia, science teacher in the school also added her thoughts on how by doing small things such as avoiding plastic bags, we will be doing a great deed for our environment. everyone gathered at the event deeply realized the need to leave their laidback attitude behind and strive hard to protect the environment and heritage. the open forum concluded the formal part of the heritage mela though the fun part continued with parents enjoying the talks by senior citizens , food stalls, stalls with games of luck and skill such as  chess corner, heritage quiz and heritage games. there was also a painting competition for all the parents on the theme “landscapes”. Some of the paintings were indeed breathtaking. Two handicrafts stalls that of beautiful Rajasthan puppets and handmade clothes showpieces of animals in varying sizes also attracted huge crowds.

In all, it was an enriching and a great learning experience for each one who attended the programme. It was a big success . With an atmosphere of fun, all the teachers, students and parents enjoyed the fete a lot. As all good things come to an end, the jashn-e dharohar also came to an end leaving behind the joy and pride of our heritage.


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