Visit to Nehru Planetarium

The students of classes VIA and VIB visited the Nehru Museum and Planetarium, which was the former residence of the first Prime Minister of India- Late Jawaharlal Nehru. The children through the visit learnt about the history of the Independence Movement of India, got an insight of Pandit Jawaharlal’s Nehru’s life through various photographs showing different phases of his life. Besides the displays, the architecture of the colonial building structure was also worth watching. The high ceilings, spacious verandas, teak panels and well-maintained gardens took them to the pre independent India. This building served as the official residence of the Commander-in-Chief of the British forces in India where Nehru lived for 16 years.

The children also visited Nehru's bedroom, drawing room and study which are preserved exactly as they were at the time of Nehru's death. The various galleries at Nehru Museum and Planetarium includes Gifts Gallery comprising the priceless gifts like Bharat Ratna medal and the Jawahar Jyoti received by Nehru during his travel in India and overseas and so on. The students also visited Sikargah or Kushak Mahal, a 14th-century hunting lodge built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

There is a massive granite rock, put up in the front lawn of the museum where one can find Nehru's first speech on the eve of Independence of India. Nehru Planetarium displayed the Space Program of India, the Universe and the Capsule. The astronomy show was held at 11:30 am which provided a great learning experience to students about space and our solar system.


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