Cherishing India’s freedom

Cherishing India’s freedom

August 15, 1947 is the day engraved in gold in the history of India. It is the day when India attained its freedom from the clutches of a long slavery of over 200 years of the British Rule. It was a long and hard struggle in which many freedom fighters and great men laid their lives for our beloved motherland. To celebrate the 71st Independence Day and 75years of Quit India, the students of  Gyan Devi Salwan Public School celebrated the month of August as the Social Science Month. A plethora of activities were planned to celebrate our Independence, Our Heritage, Our beautiful Culture. Three Intra Class Activities were conducted from Classes VI-XI. The students were shown a video on how our constitution was drafted and framed, the purpose of the preamble was explained and the students were asked to learn the preamble along with the guiding values, a short quiz was also conducted after the discussion. In the second Intra Class Activity, movie 'HOME' was shown which showed how constantly man has tried to harm the nature to satisfy his greed. The movie was an eye opener as it showed how man has exploited our Mother Earth and how the nature has its own ways to take the revenge from the mankind. Third Intra class Activity was based on Making toys, jewellery of the ancient/medieval civilizations using clay. It was a treat to see the creativity of the students and the ornaments they made.


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